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#1 2017-07-18 00:37:32

From: Hidden Leaf Village
Registered: 2017-07-17
Posts: 33


Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDRq1x53HRk

I'm Josh. You may know me as NecroAngel, or The-Eliminator, or Silver-Surfer, or Sasuke, or Squall. I joined a site called yu-gi-oh-online.co.uk on the 23rd of November, 2003 when I was only 12 years old. It's hard to believe that almost 15 years have past since the site was founded - I can honestly say that the 4 years between 2002 and 2006 felt longer to me than the decade between 2007 and 2017. It's crazy to think how much the internet in general has changed since yu-gi-oh-online's heyday - with the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit et al and the incredible explosion in its popularity, the internet is simply not the same place it once was and the very idea of the humble, tight-knit forum community is tragically long dead, but it lives on in my memory.  It may sound melodramatic and silly to write such things about something as seemingly unimportant as an old yu-gi-oh forum but when I was a child, for me and a small group of others, there was little more important. To this day, almost nothing is more nostalgic than thinking back to the good old days of yu-gi-oh-online.

To my recollection, the site was founded in mid 2003 and thrived from late 2003 to mid-to-late 2006, declined heavily in 2007 as many things did, probably mostly because people were growing up and stopped watching and playing yu-gi-oh. By 2008 it was like the ruins of a once great civilisation and only me, Dragon's Malice, Marik and an army of spambots remained, with the rare visit by some former member who came by merely to express their shock at its continued existence before being on their way. In 2009 it finally succumbed to its sudden but inevitable death, and that was the end. Or was it? Well, no. I saw a site offering free .co.uk domains and thought "why not" and made this and have been trying to make it look as close as I can to how it looked during the times I remember fondest (the fact this style only lasted a year or less is mind blowing...).  I can't forget to mention the chat, of course. That was the beating heart of the site for most. I regretfully stopped going in the chat before it died, but I hear much like the site itself it gradually died out with only Yamiharrison, osirisX and one or two others being there in the end, only occasionally going in to update the channel title to a link to the latest Naruto chapter and briefly discuss it now and then.

This little project was really just a bit of fun for me, I honestly don't expect another soul to see this let alone care about it or have the same fond memories as I do. But if a YGOO vet does happen upon it somehow, it'll be nothing short of a miracle.

Er, so... how about some YGOO awards?

Literally God Award: FS6AZUS.jpg
Mfacer: The Creator. The ancient one. Much like Jesus the only evidence of his existence was found in ancient scrolls (or, well, old posts from when he was active in the beginning) and he would go thousands of years before ever appearing and doing anything, and people had to pray long and hard to him for him to ever help out. Occasionally if we'd been sinful he would smite us - "No more signature images!" he'd proclaim, "these hip early 2000s flaming text gifs are too taxing on the servers, even though they're hosted externally! (I just realised typing this how much of a bullshit reason that was), "The site is changing to a blatantly worse, uglier version with no points system or user pages!" He was like a weapon people tried to get on their side. We'd all be caught up in some silly drama like GT de-modding everyone and we'd all try and get his attention and then finally he'd be like "Ugh, what? Blah blah, you want me to admin that guy? You want me to change where the chat links to so you can take over leadership from based NecroAngel for no good reason? Sure, whatever. Bye." In any case thanks for making it all happen, Matt. Current whereabouts: Family man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPd3taKexkQ

Resilience Award: rUWLYvs.jpg
Dragon's Malice:. This guy wanted to be a moderator BAD, he posted an insane amount hoping to catch an admin's eye. He was one of the few left at the end. Current whereabouts: posts occasionally on reddit, has yet to acknowledge my occasional posting of a bunny meme he invented, a proto-rickroll (ygoo was so often ahead of its time).  https://www.reddit.com/user/YoudBeSurprised

MVP Award: zKZ8x7d.jpg
Gemini Ty aka GT/Tyrin-Claw: Honestly, he was very controversial and at times I would've openly stated that I hated him, but looking back, he was the most influential member outside of Mfacer. When I joined I looked up to him, he was this awesome, friendly and knowledgeable guy who would help anyone with anything whether it was a forum issue or a Yu-Gi-Oh rule issue (he was qualified as a judge), he even made people avatars and had his own gallery on the site that people could choose from. Of course, at his worst he was a power-abusing, condescending, arrogant douche  and incredibly weird. But in hindsight even at his worst, at least he was memorable - the time he de-modded a bunch of people and caused a civil war of sorts turned out to be one of the most memorable moments of YGOO. Current whereabouts: I messaged him a few years ago on deviantart and he seemed to not really remember me which was sad, but I refuse to believe that was entirely genuine. Still producing art occasionally, has openly come out as gay and a furry. Good for you, pal. https://twitter.com/TaiStormsword

Bro Award: CUnGkY3.gif
SKaiba aka Kuribo: SKaiba was accused of betrayal when he wouldn't completely join our camp against GT and de-admin him, but the reason this sort of thing happened is because he was incredibly loyal, kind and trustworthy, always trying to see the best in people. He was the first person I really befriended on this site and he stuck with me over the years, doing his best to help me out. It was in large part due to him that I became a moderator at all, although I never gave him the appreciation or thanks he deserved because always saw him as a sort of rival. When I looked at logs of the chat where people were being pretty horrible and insulting me in all kinds of ways behind my back, only one person stuck up for me; you guessed it, SKaiba. Back then I was never as good of a friend to him as I should've been and whilst forgiving myself due to being a kid, I still regret it. In the end he made me an admin to rule during the YGOO dark ages which was a very bittersweet moment because it meant him stepping down and essentially leaving the site. Current whereabouts: One of two YGOO folks I still keep in contact with, although only very recently is that starting to not be the case; whilst I used to talk to him every day, he'll come on and talk with me once every 5 months or so at this point before quickly running off again. He's a web developer now.

Anti-hero Award: xwkhkMD.gif
pleh: despite leaving the site in 2004, had the most influence on me of anyone. I remember seriously looking up to him and thinking he was incredibly cool. He was edgy before it was cool to be edgy and unironically had a quote in his signature that finished with something along the lines of "I don't believe in some magical sky man ¬_¬" which now is incredibly banal and cringey but back in those days was far from outplayed. Love him or hate him, absolutely everyone had a strong opinion on him. He founded the chat, only to hand it over to others and then eventually got banned, something he'd constantly get me to undo much to my detriment. Also introduced me to Naruto which lead to the site in general getting into it hard. Current whereabouts: Unknown. The member I'd most like to find out about, but have been utterly unable to do so.

good story Award: wHijxyb.png
Yamiharrison aka Harrison/Moshe: the other one I kept in contact and the only one I still regularly talk to to this day. A complete nutter but was always entertaining and gave long history lectures in the chat and said... 'colourful' things about Muslims and the ability for people to feel love for one another. Current whereabouts: Pentagon staffer, 40k enthusiast, occasional manga and anime-consumer. He's still psychotic. https://www.reddit.com/user/jidf-shill

Actually good at Yu-Gi-Oh Award: Split. Ironmonkey for deck-making, he was always coming up with interesting decks and posting them in the deck garage. Current whereabouts: Unknown. Best duelist goes to Akuhei, another controversial figure who I've been unable to track down. Current whereabouts: Unknown.

Honourable mentions / others I remember:

Clarke: Mfacer's friend who appeared at the beginning and had his own forum, 'Ask Clarke' which later became 'Questions & Answers.' Didn't stick around long. Liked the colour silver. Current whereabouts: Unknown

RyanVirago: An early YGOO admin. The only YGOO member I have ever met in real life. I went to a yu-gi-oh tournament in 2002 (before I joined the site) and he was a judge there. I asked him to take a look at my utterly laughable deck and he just said "...put in some Skilled Dark Magicians" and I didn't understand him, so I asked him to repeat it. I still didn't understand but at this point asking him a third time would be awkward. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Captain aka Masamune316: Notorious for how long he spent idle without talking in chat. Didn't contribute much to the forums. American football player. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Evil-Bakura aka EB/Aaron: Early YGOO moderator. Loved to 'pwn n00bs' and flame people, always wanted to appear cool and was into fashion. Current whereabouts: Occasionally posts his travels or photography and fashion on instagram and twitter, seems a lot more lefty nowadays.

osirisX: Lover of the colour orange. Stalwart chat user from 2005 onwards. Was into graphic design. Current whereabouts: Graphic designer. https://twitter.com/trevormkay

Wani: Fairly mild, usually neutral (slight GT leanings) guy from New Zealand. Was knowledgable on Japanese and coding back in the day. Current whereabouts: https://www.youtube.com/user/Waniou137

MyVansSuck aka MVS/Kyle: Mostly a chat guy, apparently went there until close to the end. Cool, laid back guy with a bit of a tragic past. Current whereabouts: Unknown. Possibly got arrested for drug offences (not a joke)

Kidoumaru: Kinda weird pervy guy who I believe came over in the exodus from yugiohetc along with NoCrownKing, Akuhei, Silver Noble and Black Hayato. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Michizure: Laid back guy who was above all our petty squabbles and drama, mainly because he was older than the rest of us. He seemed old compared to us, but now all of us are probably older than he was at the time, s a d b o y z. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Irishgurl: Some girl who wandered into the chat at some point, I along with MVS had a crush on her. When MVS revealed he was e-dating her I was devastated. Shockingly, trying to appear all cool and not say anything like Sasuke doesn't really work on the internet as she just thought I went AFK. Always typed in the colour pink and had really dodgy internet that meant she went offline every 2 seconds and her MSN online notification drove people insane. Current whereabouts: Married with kids.

Newzfoxjr: GT henchman. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Setothefallen1: Among the first supermods, possibly an admin, I can't quite remember. Gave me the news of me becoming a moderator on AIM; I was ecstatic! I may as well have just been told I was elected president of the United States. Was in charge of the chat for a time and made me an op only to de-op me because some faggot complained after I made a silly joke saying 'welcome to the sex and drugs chat room' after some guy said his mom was in the room. STILL MAD. Still, it was all good in the end and he apologised and I came to own the channel. I always looked up to him, another one that was older than most of us. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Katzchen: Chat succubus who toyed with people, mainly SKaiba. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Knives. Chat guy, I didn't speak to him much but he seemed nice enough. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Ran-Chan: When I joined, everyone talked about her as a legendary figure that just left suddenly and how much they wished she would return. Eventually she did and was kind of underwhelming. I think she was a scientologist or something. She demanded to be modded, got angry when she wasn't, and then left again. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Minx aka Lonefenix: Mostly a chat user. Kinda weird and shy, mostly in GT's sphere of influence. Liked horses. Current whereabouts: 3D Modeller http://whispyyr.deviantart.com/

Skellington aka DSHIZNIT: He showed up out of the blue and everyone instantly loved him for his wit. Then one day he went kind of mad and during a hacking incident where he became admin due to convincing the hacker to make him one, he decided to prune the forum. As you may have noticed, I care a lot about YGOO history so this was the equivalent of nuking the Pyramids of Giza or something. He liked Neopets and gave me millions on my birthday once. He lost popularity and left after the incident. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Skyheart: Another internet crush for me. Eventually Akuhei told me that he suspected she was a guy, which lead to me believe that it was him or some other yugiohetc exodus person pretending to be this person and Akuhei was trying to save me embarrassment or something. Current whereabouts: Unknown

abcdefg: An early supermod. Never once went into the chat as far as I know, and as a result was rather isolated from the inner workings. Left fairly early on but I remember he came back in like 2007 and was like 'This place still exists? Well, bye.' Current whereabouts: Unknown

Yami-Yugi: Another early super mod who was demodded by the time I became active. Bit of a nutter, threatened to hack me once and I was young and dumb enough to take it seriously. Current whereabouts: Unknown

yami217: Another mod who got demodded before my time and left fairly early on. I don't remember much other than him being somewhat intimidating and donating all his points to me at one stage because he claimed he was leaving the site as an april fool's joke and I said "o rly? give me all your points then" Current whereabouts: Unknown

ricoblue: never too active on the forum but posted now and then. Was a really nice guy and played runescape with me, lived in the ghetto and would hear gunshots whilst playing. Current whereabouts: Unknown

Eocine: Mysterious old knowledgeable player who had a dark magician of chaos avatar. I randomly encountered him in a hearthstone stream last year. Current whereabouts: in a twitch stream, probably

good days

A ninja must see underneath the underneath



#2 2018-02-02 10:37:15

Super Moderator
Registered: 2018-02-02
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Re: Hi.


Well this made my night.

~El Magnifico


#3 2018-04-02 05:13:20

Registered: 2018-04-02
Posts: 1

Re: Hi.

Holy nostalgia, Batman. Did a random search for this site and found that someone else had remade it. I'm sure none of y'all remember me. I was definitely Seto-Kaiba (occasionally referred to as S-K on the forums).  I was around from 2003 until probably 2005-ish, I can't remember. But I definitely remember all of you guys. I may have been a mod at some point? I really can't remember. But I do remember that Gemini Ty and I had a pretty good friendship back in the day. Talked on AIM all the time. Some of those usernames also ring a bell. Anyways, I knew I just had to register and say hello.


#4 2018-04-02 14:02:51

Super Moderator
Registered: 2018-02-02
Posts: 30

Re: Hi.

I remember you. big_smile

~El Magnifico


#5 2018-05-12 18:55:03

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Re: Hi.

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#6 2018-05-15 15:12:42

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Re: Hi.

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#7 2018-05-15 21:43:32

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Re: Hi.

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#8 2018-05-17 11:28:17

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Re: Hi.

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