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#1 Re: SPAM » Randomizzle » Today 00:32:31

Well, it was mostly just something that I took because it was presented to me. I've always wanted to work with computers, honestly. I suppose either that, or animals, or something with science.

Psychology fascinates me.

#2 Re: SPAM » Randomizzle » Yesterday 02:55:50

Well, I was working in a adult residential care home helping adults with mental disabilities. Currently I'm working on learning programming and going into that field.


#3 Re: Introduce yourself » Hi guys » 2018-02-10 23:52:59


This is great.

I remember we had quite a few good chats back in the day. I briefly recall something of you tossing back Bacardi Breezers and telling me about your city.

#4 Re: SPAM » Randomizzle » 2018-02-08 03:02:26

Those were truly times to remember.

I miss the clan wars stuff, that was pretty neat. I remember being in Ivalice with NCK and that crowd.

#5 Re: SPAM » Randomizzle » 2018-02-08 02:59:13

I liked that, plus it was entirely free.

I actually know a few people who actively still play YGO. Though considering I haven't played since 2006ish, I'd be completely lost. I still have my Scientist/Turtle deck, and have dueled some friends with old decks  a few times. Think I last did that in 2009.

#7 Re: SPAM » Randomizzle » 2018-02-08 02:51:13

Oddly enough, despite my history with MTG and YGO.......And the fact I love WoW, I've yet to play Hearthstone.

Most likely because it seems like a massive money sink.

#8 Re: News / Chat » Trump is a better President than Obama » 2018-02-08 02:50:20

Yamiharrison wrote:

1.) He isn't black
2.) He doesn't hate America
3.) He's planning a bitchin military parade
4.) He makes the Palestinians angry
5.) His wife is hot as opposed to a scowling older version of Serena Williams
6.) He achieved things in life that weren't because of affirmative action
7.) He doesn't hate white people

To address #4..........Doesn't everything?

#10 Re: SPAM » Randomizzle » 2018-02-08 00:37:01

Haha, a lot. I'm a huge collector, mainly of big box PC games. Also computers...I have about 20 currently, my favorite being my current gaming rig and my Apple //e.

I need to get more games on Steam, but I have a lot on GoG. I also play Warcraft, but I've been pretty casual for the last few years since MoP.


#11 Re: SPAM » Randomizzle » 2018-02-07 04:10:14

I just realized it's been 15 years, and I never told anyone on YGOO my name. It's Anthony.


Lets game, my man.

#12 SPAM » Randomizzle » 2018-02-05 04:35:03

Replies: 14

The original spam thread, and my brain child. But can I really say that if it's just general chit chat and spam?

Yes.....Yes, I can. And the last one was made by Cade, so I finally get to reclaim this.


#13 Re: Message Board Games » The Person Above You Game! » 2018-02-05 04:22:12

^ Just gave me a bunch to choose from. xD

I'm fairly certain I was just googling about some deck building.

When I first came in, there was mostly just the original crowd of Matt's friends. I think there were only 4-5 Americans on there.

#14 Re: Message Board Games » The Person Above You Game! » 2018-02-04 02:22:25

^Did a good job capturing the way it used to look

I like it!

Yeah, I need to find some old avatar. Trying to recall what I used earliest.

#15 Re: Message Board Games » The Person Above You Game! » 2018-02-03 03:56:22

^ May or may not have. I know SKaiba did a few times, and actually felt bad about it.

I was banned a ton because I was a total edgelord. Oh well!

This is good. Now, we just need to recruit Peter so he and I can ban all of the bots. Then we proceed to all post in one thread, and it's like nothing changed.

#16 Re: Message Board Games » The Person Above You Game! » 2018-02-03 03:17:03

^ Would probably ban me (Again) if I acted like my youngerself. xD

#17 Re: Introduce yourself » Greetings. » 2018-02-03 03:04:36


I actually haven't used Discord at all, but I may as well get into it. I'll ad you on Steam, as well.

I have to wonder, myself. Last we spoke, he was a lot more calm. He always came off as a really genuine person when actually speaking to him on MSN.

Aku was always nice to me, and I remember his name was John. Also, he was ridiculously good at Yugioh. But that's about it. I mostly spoke with Mirage out of that crew.

#18 Re: Introduce yourself » Greetings. » 2018-02-03 02:53:45

Aye. I messaged him maybe a few years back on NF, and he seemed more or less uninterested. Though, we never exactly got along too great.

Yeah, I think GT mostly just put that all in the past. Though, I wonder if he would remember Wani or Skaiba?

Well, I last talked to Pleh maybe in 2011...Perhaps a bit earlier. We mostly talked about music (His love for Daft Punk) and various things going on at the time. I don't recall any personal information on him, other than his name was Dan and that he's British.

Sappho, yeah! She was a cool girl.

Ran-Chan I haven't really spoken to in a long time.  She was a "Independent Raelian"....which..........Is pretty weird. Similar in a sense with Scientology, but a bit more alien focused.

Unfortunately, most of my contacts I had were on either MSN or AIM. Both of which are relics of the past, now.

#19 Introduce yourself » Greetings. » 2018-02-03 00:23:20

Replies: 4

So, it finally happened....

Well, I guess I wasn't alone then all these years. For a long time I've thought about this forum, and all the memories associated with it. Like Necro, I joined YGOO when I was pretty young. I remember I joined in mid September of 03, which meant I was 13. For the first two years or so, I was pretty much a completely immature idiot that no one (Except Pleh and Ranchan) cared for. I became a mod at some point during that time (briefly), and that went over......horribly.

I can't keep track of how many times I was banned over the years, to be honest. But I'd have to imagine it was probably some sort of record.  As time went on, and people came and went, I eventually ended up making a handful of pretty decent pals. A good portion of them were migrants from YGOD, which I want to say happened in early 2005. Along came Weigraf/Nck, Aku, Mirage, Knives, and several others. Most of these guys were incredibly good at YGO, and really brought life into a forum that had seen most of it's original members (MFacer, Clarke, Ryan, etc) fade off.

I remember a ton of fun using YVD with these guys, and the two I played with the most would definitely be Knives and Mirage. I spent a lot of time chatting on AIM with those guys, though I never really spent much time in the chat.

Another member I ended up being pretty good friends with, and actually chatted on the phone and mailed back and forth a few times, was Skell.

After the whole purge with Skell and Summer, and then the whole falling out with GT...things became a bit stagnant.....Yet, honestly, still quite fun. For a long time, we pretty much just chatted (Mostly Malice and I) about the new chapter of Naruto. We'd also chat about life, and all that jazz. Necro made us both Smods, and we didn't really have anything to do at that point besides ban spam bots on a daily basis.

Then, around September of 2010. Poof.  I've chatted here and there with Malice on various media since, but it's been years. I messaged Moshe (Yamiharrison) on NF, and in typical Moshe fashion, gave zero interest in reminiscing, and some brief discussion of politics ensued. He went on about Yemen, if I recall. Last year I reconnected with GT, but he had no recollection of me. We still had a good conversation, though.

Ran Chan doesnt live too far from me, and I know she is married now. Speaking of not living far from me, last I heard Moshe split his time between the state I live in and Israel.

Eocine and I have crossed paths a few times, naturally.
I talked with Pleh all the time until the demise of MSN. Unfortunately, it's been a couple years since.

Some members I have to remember that I didn't see Necro mention:

That one member who loved gravekeepers. And the color purple. He was really nice.
Welsh Dragon.
Some girl who loved screamo and lived in Bristol. She was a nice girl, and we were friends on Myspace for like 5 years.

I want to say there are more, but it's a bit hard to remember everyone. I'm sure it will come to me.

Needless to say, after typing in the URL to this (Which I do once ever year or so, in hopes it may pop back up) at 5 AM and actually finding this? Pretty crazy.


#20 Re: Message Board Games » The Person Above You Game! » 2018-02-02 11:04:16

^ Hasn't developed much sense of humor in the last decade. <3

#21 Re: Introduce yourself » Hi. » 2018-02-02 10:37:15


Well this made my night.

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