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#1 Re: News / Chat » Trump is a better President than Obama » 2018-12-27 04:31:34

So we should throw rocks on fire at it.

Anyone got a trebuchet?

#2 Re: Introduce yourself » Bwahahahahahaha » 2018-10-31 03:19:11

Probably true.

But in between programming on 40 year old computers, writing games, family, and streaming re-runs....It does provide a bit of fun.

#3 Re: Introduce yourself » Bwahahahahahaha » 2018-10-31 01:04:35

Haha. Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing that go.

Though it can make for momentary amusement. wink

#4 Re: Introduce yourself » Bwahahahahahaha » 2018-10-31 00:48:13

Well, this is an entirely new forum mostly made just for nostalgia among the same people who have fond memories of the site. Not so much an attempt to have an active forum.

But that's up to Josh if he wants to, really. He's got the reigns these days.

#6 Re: Introduce yourself » Bwahahahahahaha » 2018-10-30 04:39:58

At Charlie's?

Yep, went there on a regular basis from 03-05. smile

I believe your username on here was Zeo, or something similar.

#7 Re: Introduce yourself » I am the new girl » 2018-10-29 14:46:32

I'm still waiting on the facts.

#8 Re: Introduce yourself » Just want to say Hello! » 2018-10-29 14:45:26

Genesis wrote:

Dude... Why reply? It's a bot...

Shhh. Boredom.

#9 Re: Introduce yourself » Bwahahahahahaha » 2018-10-29 14:44:46

Genesis wrote:

Well, I may not have the old 3.x version of VB, but I do have a 4.2.2 you're welcome to. I've also become somewhat of an expert in VB over the years and seeings how 95% of your registered users are bots, I can put a stop to that using VB.  As for any hints as to who I am... My old AIM was DarkMagicBreaker and I'm a former duelist from New Hampshire. In fact, during a tournament back in 2005 (I think) I actually met and dueled against someone from this very forum, but for the love of god I can't remember who the hell it was. However, I do remember he made a pretty big deal about it on the forums back then though. haha


Rings a bell. tongue I used to live in NH.

#12 Re: Message Board Games » The Person Above You Game! » 2018-09-28 13:58:13

^Should tell me if Boruto is worth reading/watching.

Ah, yeah. I remember that. I think I had a decent amount, like top 10. Ish?

I'm alright. Gaming an awful lot lately. Just replayed through Grim Fandango, one of my favorites. Yourself?

And tough to say. yikes

#14 Re: Introduce yourself » Bwahahahahahaha » 2018-09-25 06:41:40

For someone advertising a site called real passports, you sure use a lot of "Fake" keywords.

#16 Re: News / Chat » How do I change my IP » 2018-09-23 09:17:36


Paypal me $1337 USD to weebtrash@chickmail.com and I will send you a video showing how to do it.

#17 Re: Introduce yourself » Hi guys » 2018-09-23 09:15:32

Can I buy those in Vbucks?

#19 Re: Questions & Answers » What movie should I watch? » 2018-08-16 16:04:33

Hm. I like a lot. Cheesy 80s movies. Classics like The Godfather and anything by Herzog. Sci fi.

Actually, I feel like rewatching two of my old favorite anime movies. Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue. Both are great, same people made them.

On that note...One of those? Akira? Grave of The Fireflies?

#21 Re: Questions & Answers » What movie should I watch? » 2018-08-06 02:29:06

Old or new?

I haven't watched any new movies in a good while.

#22 Re: The Living Room » I had a solid poop today » 2018-08-03 06:26:24

Sounds like a fair deal.

Good to see you're still as charitable as ever, Captain Moshe.

#24 Re: Introduce yourself » Hello and welcome! » 2018-06-25 01:47:51

Holy crap.

That's mind boggling. We're getting old. And Matt is getting really old.

#25 Re: Introduce yourself » Hello and welcome! » 2018-06-14 01:15:03

Sometimes I wonder about shooting ol' Matt a message these days.

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